Letrozole was used among bodybuilders and other athletes. In sport, the drug is used as an additional element in the course of steroids to reduce the level of estrogen and a small increase in testosterone. Letrozole is considered one of the best drugs in its sphere of influence, so it is well known among bodybuilders.

Studies have shown that the drug can reduce the concentration of estrogen to 97%, which proves its high efficiency. But if you take the recommended dose, then the concentration drops only to 76-79%, which is also not bad. A low level of estrogen affects the reduction of side effects on the course, which is very important for athletes. It was also observed that the use of letrozole in bodybuilding increases the production of certain hormones (luteinizing, follicle-stimulating hormones, globulin), and they in turn increase the production of testosterone.


Features of  application

Letrozole in bodybuilding is recommended to take 1-3 mg per day (you can at any time of the day). Studies have shown that even 100 μg per day very effectively inhibit the action of the enzyme aromatase. Exceeding the recommended dosages can lead to negative phenomena in the form of a decrease in sexual desire. The daily dose for each athlete will be different, depending on the return, the experience, the duration of the medication, but should be in the range of 1 to 3 mg per day. To find out the individual norm it is possible at experts, before reception of any pharmaceutical preparations is better to consult with the doctor. After a long reception of the substance, it will be possible to switch to another regimen – use letrozole not every day, but every other day.

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